Tiny Things 010 – a one letter word

Today’s Tiny thing is – a one letter word

This was a more interesting prompt than I first thought. I chose “y” which is “and” in Spanish. Inclusiveness has been on my mind a lot these days.


Tiny Things 009 – a dog tag

Today’s Tiny Things is “a dog tag”. Short sweet and direct.


Tiny Things 008 – a pigeonhole

Today’s Tiny Thing is 008 – a pigeonhole. Not much to say. Other than maybe don’t feed the pigeons? Or ask yourself why you’re cramming them in holes?


Tiny Things 007 – a spy camera

Tiny Things today – spy camera. I’ve only ever seen images of things that looked a little like this. Some fascinating design choices made during the Cold War Era.

I also just noticed the fortuitous sketch number.


Tiny Things 006 – a bitcoin

Today’s Tiny Things – a bitcoin but being the slightly cheeky person I am, I drew a bit coin. Plus how do you draw an element of a crypto currency.


Tiny Things 005 – “gum” wrapper

Today’s Tiny Things is a gum wrapper, and strictly speaking Hi-Chew is not gum … but it was the closest thing I had.