Tiny Things 018 – a tooth filling

Today’s Tiny Things is a little silly but it is goo to get back to my cartooning roots.


Tiny Things 009 – a dog tag

Today’s Tiny Things is “a dog tag”. Short sweet and direct.


Tiny Things 006 – a bitcoin

Today’s Tiny Things – a bitcoin but being the slightly cheeky person I am, I drew a bit coin. Plus how do you draw an element of a crypto currency.


Tiny Things 004 – an eraser

Today is the 4th so far! A solid start. This is a drawing of my Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser. My go to for pencil clean up. Although all of these are only ink no pencil under-drawing.


Inktober day 2

We’ll start with the finished piece.

Final olive and Maps drawing

These are the core. characters from a new series called Gotham Academy, and I’m quite excited for it. It features the great work of Karl Kershal!

Next are the more prelinenary drawings. First the pencil sketch the the ink and pencil.

Olive and Maps pencils

Olive and Maps ink and pencil


Inktober 2014 Half Marathon

I’ve known about #inktober for a couple of years. Several of the artists I follow participate regularly. Well, I’m gonna do it this year.

Now for those who don’t know #inktober is an artistic challenge – full details here: http://mrjakeparker.com/inktober – the basics are to do a drawing in ink and post it every day. This year I saw the idea to do the “half marathon” which is a picture every other day, which is what I plan to do.

I want to keep consistent on this so I’m gonna lay out a few more parts of this goal so those of you who feel so inclined can hold me to these plans.

1. Post every odd numbered day starting on the 1st
2. Post what I have, works in progress are fine. I’m trying to work on my perfectionist tendency, as in getting it to ease up.
3. Enjoy drawing in ink

I’m planning on spreading these images across my various blogs and social media. Specifically they will here and will spread to my other presences from there.