Tiny Things 020 – garbanzo bean

Tiny Thing 020 – garbanzo bean

Not much to say. It’s a tasty little bean. Fantastic with olive oil and garlic … aka hummus.


Tiny Things 018 – a tooth filling

Today’s Tiny Things is a little silly but it is goo to get back to my cartooning roots.


Tiny Things 014-017

Today’s Tiny Things is a bit of catch up. Individual detail pictures below.

Tiny Things 014 – a thimble

Tiny Things 015 – a coat button

Tiny Things 016 – a pearl onion

Tiny Things 017 – the last bite of cookie (seriously the last one … no, really … ok cutie)


Tiny Things 013 – eye of a needle

Today’s Tiny Things 013 – an eye of a needle was fun. It was interesting looking up source images.


Tiny Things 012 – freckles

Today’s Tiny Things 012 – freckles. May be a little hard to read at first, sorry about that. Was struggling a bit with how to represent this.


Tiny Things 011 – a nail art design

Today’s Tiny Thing is definitely in the “not what they meant” camp, but I went for it anyway.